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Taekwondo is an Art

It is also a sport where strict rules guide and direct fighting such as tournaments and the Olympic Games.  These competitions allow the opportunity to win medals and trophies, but today I am not talking about the sport of Taekwondo.  I am talking about self-defense. There are no rules, there are no medals and trophies…there are no second chances.  You do not fight for awards or for glory, you fight to save your life.

How do you intertwine the art and the sport of Taekwondo, to be able to compete and enjoy the sport but to also be ready to defend you life by any means necessary?

Practice, practice and more practice.  I cannot emphasize the importance of practice enough.

Practice is like a tree growing in the forest. As we age our bodies slow down and we can weaken.  But if we continue to train as if we are novices, our skills become like the rings on a tree, ever growing and reinforcing our bodies and minds.  We will still grow old, but we will not weaken.

I am a Taekwondo Grand Master.  I have achieved much in my life, and I am proud of my achievements, but I still strive to become stronger every day and with every practice.  I stand as the best example for my students to follow, and all masters must strive to be such an example.


Grand Master Dragon Kim, Jin Young

Grandmaster’s Story

Grand Master Dragon Kim, Jin Young immigrated to the United States from Soul, Korea in 1982. He taught self-defense and hand-to-hand combat to the Korean Police Department and United States Army. With over 50 years of experience teaching the art of Taekwondo, he displays an exceptional talent for developing the mind, body and spirit of Taekwondo students.

He travels widely in the United States and abroad as a featured Taekwondo educator and exhibitor. Master Dragon Kim, Jin Young shared the spotlight with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 1997 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio in an exhibition with over 40,000 spectators. In November 2012, Master Dragon Kim, Jin Young received a special invitation to give a lecture and demonstration at the Seoul Taekwondo Paradigm Seminar. In July 2013, he was featured as a headline self-defense lecturer and demonstrator at the Seoul World Taekwondo Leaders Forum; the event was attended by over 200 top worldwide instructors from 50 countries.

In addition, he has been a lecturer, demonstrator and judge at the Kukkiwon Taekwondo Days demonstration, Chicago Kukkiwon International Taekwondo Master Course & Examiner for Poom/Dan Promotion, Atlanta Kukkiwon International Taekwondo Master Course & Examiner for Poom/Dan Promotion, and New Jersey Kukkiwon International Taekwondo Master Course & Examiner for Poom/Dan Promotion.

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